Lightweight Masts

Products Overview

Top Load

8.8lbs - 107lbs
4kg - 48.5kg

Extended Height

6.6ft - 65.6ft
2m - 20m

Retracted Height

3.2ft - 10.2ft
1m - 3m

Why a Lightweight & Portable Mast?

The Lightweight Vertical Telescopic Mast series is our lightest and most economic series, designed to handle modest lighting units and other small equipment. Constructed of high quality aluminum alloy tubes which are anodized and corrosion-proof, they can withstand extreme temperatures and weather. Each unit can be equipped with a hand pump to easily reach your desired extended height. Each section has a sturdy locking device to prevent turning of the sections. Mast heads have a 024mm PIN connection for mounting various lamp heads, measuring equipment or antennas.

Lightweight Vertical Masts Without Internal Cable

These lightweight telescopic masts are outfitted with an external cable and are available in five to eleven sections. They are suitable for smaller top loads.



  • Diameter: 2.6in  (66mm)
  • Extended Height: 6.6ft – 16.4ft (2m – 5m)
  • Retracted Height: 3.7ft – 5.3ft (1m – 1.6m)
  • Payload: 26.5lbs – 50.7lbs (12kg – 23kg)
  • Diameter: 2.6in (66mm)
  • Extended Height: 9.8ft – 29.5ft (3m – 9m)
  • Retracted Height: 3.3ft – 6.4ft (1m – 2m)
  • Payload: 13.2lbs – 35.3lbs (6kg – 16kg)
Super Primo
  • Diameter: 3.1in (80mm)
  • Extended Height: 13ft – 49.2ft (4m – 15m)
  • Retracted Height: 4ft – 10ft (1.2m – 3m)
  • Payload: 8.8lbs – 52.9lbs (4kg – 24kg)
Maxi Primo
  • Diameter: 4in  (101mm)
  • Extended Height: 24.6ft – 65.6ft  (7.5m – 20m)
  • Retracted Height: 3.2ft – 10.2ft  (1m – 3m)
  • Payload: 24.3lbs – 107lbs (11kg – 48.5kg)

Lightweight Vertical Masts With Internal Cable

Expanding on our lightest and most economic series, these lightweight telescopic masts are equipped with an internal cable. The location of the cable within the mast provides a protected, secure and streamlined design for electrical and data wiring. These masts are available in three to five sections and are suitable for lighter top loads. 

  • Diameter: 2.6in  (66mm)
  • Extended Height: 6.6ft – 13ft  (2m – 4m)
  • Retracted Height: 3.9ft – 5.4ft (1.2m-1.6m)
  • Payload: 39.7lbs – 50.7lbs (18kg – 23kg)
Super Entry
  • Diameter: 3.1in (80mm)
  • Extended Height: 6.6ft – 13ft (2m – 4m)
  • Retracted Height: 3.9ft – 5.6ft (1.2m – 1.7m)
  • Payload: 44lbs – 66lbs (20kg – 30kg)