The Electromechanical Mast

Products Overview

Top Load

154lbs - 551lbs
70kg - 250kg

Extended Height

13.1ft – 65.7ft
4m - 20m

Retracted Height

3.7ft – 9.4ft
1.1m – 2.8m

The newly introduced mechanical telescoping mast, MecMast by Fireco, is an innovative and technologically advanced mechanical telescoping mast driven by an electric motor. The MecMast is an excellent solution for specialty designed antennas, cameras and other specific equipment used for Communications and Surveillance activities. Our mechanical mast offers unparalleled sturdiness and precision during extension providing consistent accuracy while in use. The payloads exact position is controlled by an encoder while desired heights can be preset using a PC. A remote option is also available which allows the user to precisely control mast extension and retraction. The MecMast mechanical telescoping mast is ideal for heavy top loads with long periods of extension, without the need for general guying ropes. Equipped with a manual safety backup system, the MecMast is available in four to eleven sections.