Fireco has been a premiere global manufacturer of telescoping masts and lighting solutions since 1975. For over forty years Fireco has earned the reputation as a leader and innovator in the design and production of telescoping masts.  Made of high quality aluminum alloy, our products were originally designed for use in the fire services industry, but with continued dedication to research and innovation, our products now suffice applications in the fields of security, communications, surveillance, military, broadcasting, disaster response and others.

Fireco has a wide range of standard aluminum towers that offer solutions for virtually every payload and elevation combination required by our customers. Uniquely, we are also equipped with state of the art machinery and skilled engineers that can customize our towers to meet your specific weight, height and space requirements.

Fireco products are manufactured in Brescia, Italy, and are currently sold in over 100 countries around the globe. Our dedication to innovative design and streamlined manufacturing procedures have allowed us to offer our products at a considerably less price point that our competition. The name Fireco has become synonymous with quality, reliability, professionalism and affordability.