Roof Masts

Products Overview

Top Load

33lbs - 66lbs
15kg - 30kg

Extended Height

4.7ft - 13.9ft
1.4m - 13.9m

Retracted Height

3.3ft- 5.9ft
1m - 1.8m

Roof Masts

In addition to our extensive line of pneumatic telescoping vertical masts, Fireco US also offers a range of Roof Masts. Best for use when space is limited inside a vehicle body, our Roof Masts are easily mounted to the roof of a vehicle. Constructed of high quality aluminum alloy tubes which are anodized and corrosion-proof, our roof masts can easily be tilted 90 degrees manually or electronically with pneumatic extension by hand pump, compressor or other air sources.

Manual Roof Masts

Manual roof masts are our lightest and most economic series, designed to handle modest lighting units and other small equipment. Manual roof masts are ideal when space is limited. Most units come equipped with an internal spiral cable. Manual Roof Mast diameters range from 2.5in to 3in and are available in one to three sections.

Manual 90 degree Tilting with Manual or Pneumatic Extension

  • Extended Height: 4.7ft – 11.4ft (1.4m – 3.5m)
  • Retracted Height: 3.3ft – 6.4ft (1m – 2m)
  • Max Payload: 33lbs – 55lbs (15kg-25kg)


Electropneumatic Roof Masts

Electropneumatic roof masts are more substantial then the manual versions, designed to handle larger pay loads. Available in two series: Roof Base Pro and Roof Plus Pro. Both series come equipped with a tilt & turn lighting unit, micro switch, a multifunctional remote for all mast functions, and an electric board.

Roof Base Pro

Suitable for smaller lamp units, such as halogen or led, the Roof Base Pro is also equipped with a built-in compressor. An optional wireless remote or SMART remote can additionally be supplied. The Roof Base Pro is available in one to three sections.


  • Extended Height: 5.6ft – 10.2ft (1.7m – 3.1m)
  • Retracted Height: 4.1ft – 5.2ft (1.2m – 1.5m)
  • Max Payload: 33lbs (15kg)

Roof Plus Pro

Designed to handle heavier top loads than its counterpart, the Roof Plus Pro is suitable for the most common halogen or led lamp units. An optional built is compressor can additionally be supplied. The Roof Base Pro is available in one to four sections.


  • Extended Height: 8.1ft – 13.9ft (2.4m – 4.2m)
  • Retracted Height: 4.7ft – 5.9ft (1.4m – 1.8m)
  • Max Payload: 44lbs -66lbs (20kg – 30kg)