Security Masts

Products Overview

Top Load

11lbs - 595lbs
5kg - 270kg

Extended Height

7.4ft - 131.4ft
2.3m - 40m

Retracted Height

3.3ft - 15.2ft
1m - 4.6m

Security Mast and Tower Solutions from Fireco US

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The Partner Telescopic Pneumatic Mast series is our most flexible mast series, with an extensive offering of features and options to meet every application. Constructed of high quality aluminum alloy tubes which are anodized and corrosion-proof, they can withstand extreme temperatures and weather. Bases can be fixed with manual or electrical rotation options and most models can be equipped with a tilt and turn unit. The wide range of internal electrical cables compliments the masts ability to carry very heavy top loads. This combination offers our customers the ability to configure a Partner Mast to meet their specific needs.